Who is Catchwise?

Catchwise's goal is to revolutionize the fishing industry with data. We aim to use modern web solutions, data sharing, and AI to assist all fishermen in spending less time and fuel to meet their fishing quotas. Fishermen can catch more fish for less cost and effort, while the ocean and the planet experience reduced carbon emissions.

Group picture of the whole Catchwise team

Our Story

Our story began when Jonas and Ludvig gathered a team of talented tech minds to participate in the FishAI competition organized by NORA and Vekstlandet. The competition revolved around using machine learning to predict where one would find the most fish in the future. We dedicated our holidays and afternoons over the summer to build the Lodestar solution. Out of over 40 other teams, our solution emerged victorious, predicting the positions of 46 out of 70 fish types correctly, 7 days ahead in time, along the entire coast of Norway.
Catchwise on the pier

The Beginning of the Adventure

With this success under our belt, we decided to create Catchwise, a startup aimed at helping fishermen find fish more efficiently. Fishermen can fill their quotas faster and use less fuel, which translates to reduced costs and a smaller environmental footprint. Fishing is already a greener industry compared to other major protein sources, and we aim to make it even greener and stronger in Norway. We have since equipped Catchwise with a wide range of data from multiple sources and built a platform that can be used by all fishermen.
Catchwise at the mountain lodge

The Journey Continues

We have had 800 users on our platform, including over 70 shipping companies, and we work closely with a select few to further develop the service. Do you want to join the journey, become more efficient, and potentially save days or weeks of your own time and operating costs? Book a demo or inquire about becoming a customer!