28 May 2024

New Zooplankton Map Layer in Catchwise 🦐

We are excited to announce the launch of a new map layer in Catchwise that shows zooplankton concentrations. This new feature is particularly useful for fishermen targeting herring and mackerel, as these fish species feed heavily on zooplankton.
What's New in Catchwise:

🦐 Detailed zooplankton concentration map layer (European shelf).

🎣 Improved targeting for herring and mackerel.

🔮 Forecast zooplankton up to 5 days in the future

Skrevet av

Åsmund Brekke

Kristian Andersen Hole

Zooplankton Map Layer Interface

How to Access the Zooplankton Map Layer

In the menu on the left, you can now find settings for the zooplankton map layer. The map layer is currently only available over the European shelf. This feature allows you to view current zooplankton concentrations, which is a key indicator of where herring and mackerel are likely to be found. Knowing where these feeding grounds are can help you plan more effective fishing trips.

Zooplankton Map Layer Interface

The map uses color to represent different levels of zooplankton concentration, making it easy to visualize where the highest concentrations are. This can guide you to the best fishing spots for herring and mackerel. You can also avoid areas with high concentrations if you wish to avoid cleaning the nets often.